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Scoring More Consumers with Greater Accuracy Topic: Deep Dive Workshop

Time Slot: 08:30 AM Mon 04/03/17

Join VantageScore for a gourmet breakfast and a look at the latest advancements and changes in credit scoring. In this session, you will learn about cutting edge credit score modeling techniques, including: the contribution of credit bureau “trended data” in attributes such as balance and utilization change over time, to credit scores for enhanced decision making; the impact on consumer scores and scoring models due to changes in public records and collections events as a result of the National Consumer Assistance Plan (NCAP); and how developers of advanced credit score models use “machine learning” to uncover new data relationships and unlock greater predictive insights.

Compliance & Risk Management Innovation: The Key to Funding Growth Topic: Deep Dive Workshop

  • by Andrew Domino, Bridgeforce and John Sanders, Bridgeforce LLC 
Time Slot: 08:30 AM Mon 04/03/17

Heavy investing over the past several years has enhanced both compliance and controls. And now, we’re seeing great value from leveraging these foundational efforts to support growth needs. The Bridgeforce team will share insights on how to use compliance and control foundations to innovate for growth. They’ll explore a host of examples including: simplifying and digitizing the customer journey, refining underwriting, modifying collections strategies, and automating compliance checks. You’ll also learn about the prerequisites to have in place because getting these foundations ready is no longer just about avoiding regulatory risks, it’s also about being left behind by the competition. Come for the great breakfast and networking and stay for the latest insights.

CRA 101 Workshop Topic: Community Reinvestment,Deep Dive Workshop

  • by Lloyd Brown, Britt Faircloth, Bank of North Carolina, James Matthews, Capital One Financial Corporation and Jan Woolsey, MUFG Union Bank, N.A. 
Time Slot: 09:00 AM Mon 04/03/17

As the CRA enters its 40th year, CRA practitioners are constantly faced with new and developing challenges. Take a deep dive into the world of CRA with veterans of the industry to learn about what the next generation of CRA leaders can do to best address these challenges, modernize traditional approaches to CRA, and increase community impact. Join us for a special hour and a half pre-conference session to get yourself up to speed for the rest of the conference!

Payments Trends and Insights: The Digital Shift Topic: Deep Dive Workshop

Session Code: DDVisa, Time Slot: 09:00 AM Mon 04/03/17

As the payments landscape continues to evolve, the rapid shift to digital is reshaping how consumers, financial institutions and merchants think about commerce. The increase in mobile and e-Commerce bring with it opportunities for growth, as well as a new set of risks that must be considered. Please join Visa for an exciting session to learn more about recent trends in payments, insight on fraud and the changing demands of consumers.

The Auto Finance Market: Competitive Insights, Dealer Risk and You Topic: Deep Dive Workshop

Time Slot: 09:00 AM Mon 04/03/17

Hear an update on the latest auto finance credit trends. Which segments are expanding & contracting, and what is the performance associated with those segments? Learn about the latest products available that will highlight your market performance against your competitors. Gain visibility into information like loan performance trends, APRs, delinquency rates, and credit score improvements over time. At the dealer level, know where you are winning. Are you being adversely selected or positively selected? Where do you have opportunity to grow? Equifax will also spotlight a few best practices to help you book more loans while avoiding greater risk.

Times They Are A-Changin’: The Evolving Consumer Identity Topic: Deep Dive Workshop

Time Slot: 09:00 AM Mon 04/03/17

With new account fraud projected to increase by 44%, identity verification is more important than ever. Meanwhile, the definition of what makes up a person’s identity is evolving as we speak. From in-person to digital and beyond, learn more about today’s identity fraud challenges and take a look into the future of universal identity solutions.

Revitalizing the Customer Experience Topic: Deep Dive Workshop

  • by Shane Hensley, Homebridge Financial Services, Chad Powers, Black Knight Financial Services and Tyler Sherman, Black Knight Financial Services 
Time Slot: 09:30 AM Mon 04/03/17

As consumer demand for transparency and self-service increases, lenders face the dual challenge of reinventing the customer experience, while maintaining effective compliance management. With the rapid adoption of online banking, advanced business intelligence tools and new technologies to increase operational efficiencies, lenders are now well-positioned to deliver world-class customer experiences. Join us for a discussion on what banks should be doing to streamline their customer service operations and adapt to these new realities.

Optimizing Marketing and Pricing to Hit 2017 Goals by Leveraging Better Data, Analytics, and Technology Topic: Deep Dive Workshop

Time Slot: 09:30 AM Mon 04/03/17

Driving deposit and customer growth is critical. For those lacking the resources of a National network bank, effectively picking your spots to compete is imperative. But competing requires a careful balance of moving the needle now and developing the analytics, technology, and plans for sustainable differentiation in the future. In this session, we will reveal four areas that will help bankers hit their 2017 plans while setting the stage for an even stronger 2018. From the most tactical to the most strategic, attendees will learn how to: (1) use more granular pricing and scoring treatments to stop promotional leakage and target customers more effectively; (2) improve marketing spend and mix to achieve better outcomes; (3) optimize the trade-off between marketing spend and rate paid to improve the ROI on spend; and (4) build a foundation for the technology and data environment that underpins these initiatives and enables future success.

Opening Networking Lunch Topic: Breaks/Meals

Time Slot: 10:30 AM Mon 04/03/17

Kick-start your CBA LIVE: Where [ it ] Begins experience with lunch in our exhibit hall. Catch up with old friends and make new connections. This is the ideal opportunity to meet with trusted suppliers and industry partners who specialize in providing the latest solutions to help make your services faster, better and smarter. Sponsored by The Boston Consulting Group

Fintechs v. Banks: Who Will Land the Knock-Out Punch? Topic: General Session

Time Slot: 12:45 PM Mon 04/03/17

The gloves are coming off! Can banks move at the velocity of Fintechs to fight for and serve a nation of digital nomads? Enter the ring in this no-holds-barred opening session as contenders from old world and new world banking go toe-to-toe on the future of the industry. Will it go 15 rounds, and who will land the knock-out punch?

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